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meg mcgregor

Here is a little about me, Meg.


The Basics

Well if you haven't already figured out by the URL you clicked, my name is Megan McGregor (Now Meg Patterson). I've never met a dog I didn't want to pet or a cheese I didn't like. I'm pretty self-aware that I'm a lot of a person, I'd like to say I'm ambitious, quirky and creative, with also saying the F-word a few too many times a day. (Trying to work on this)

Things that I love: my husband, my dog (Vader), my family, my career (Trent University), graphic design, cheese, fishing, crafting, audiobooks, skiing, dirt biking, binge-watching tv shows, musky fishing and anywhere outdoors. 



The Whole Story

I was born in Kingston, Ontario then moved to Peterborough where I spent most of my childhood. After my parents divorced my mom decided to move to where she was from and my little sister and me back to Montreal, Quebec. This is where I completed high school and 1 year of John Abbott College. In 2010 moved back to Peterborough to live with my dad and complete my education at Trent University. Graduating with my joint major of business administration and culture studies in 2015, I was ready for the real world! ​

During University, I worked 2-3 jobs at a time. I think I worked at almost every restaurant/bar there was in Downtown Peterborough trying to make sure I came out of school with as little debt as possible. This is where I truly found my passion for the hustle and some of the best connections I have to this date and my future husband (thank god he loves draft beer).

After trying to make it in the real world and not being able to get a job in my field, I created McGregor Marketing. My side-hustle as the kids like to call it. I started creating logos and graphics freelance, I have been able to keep this business running on the side for the last 5 years. Then my boyfriend was transferred to Chatham, Ontario for his career as a linesman. That's when I got my big break in the marketing industry. I was hired by the biggest classic car auction house in the world out of Chatham, RM Sotheby's. was hired as their Marketing Coordinator and was promoted to their Marketing Manager in less than a year. These were the years I learned the most about myself and my industry, RM Sotheby's was one of the best experiences I have ever had working for a company. They truly know how to treat their employees. The people there are some of the best on the planet (Shout out to: Erica, Joe and Katie).

However, Chatham is 4 hours from Peterborough and 9 hours from Montreal. This was the first time I was completely removed from my friends and family and forced to figure out who I was. This is also when I found my true passion for fishing with the help of my boyfriend who made all our adventures on Lake St.Clair.

2.5 years later we decided it was time to move back to Peterborough to be back closer to our family and friends. We sold our first home and moved back to Peterborough and started looking for a new career. This is when I stumbled upon Fully Promoted on Indeed. They were opening a new division of their company and thought I would be a great fit to help start up this amazing local business. I was overjoyed. Fully Promoted allowed me to work for so many of my favourite businesses and helping them bring their brands to life! (

Now my career path has led me back to my old stomping grounds Trent University. I could not be more excited to be hired at Trent University. I am now a team member of the Careerspace and Office of the Registrars departments. 

Musky Angling

After living beside Lake St. Clair I realized I was fishing about 4 times a week. I quickly realized my hobby for fishing with my now-husband became one of my main passions. We now spend every weekend during the musky season travelling all over Ontario!


At the beginning of 2019 I became a part of Shimano Canada's field staff which has been one of the best experiences of my life, it has allowed me to continue learning about this incredible industry while giving me access to the best products on the marketing to advance my skills as an angler. Good gear means longer days on the water, which results in bigger fish!

They also have encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and speak at the first-ever women's musky pannel at the 2019 musky odyssey! Since then I have now spoken in many different fishing panels and interviews regarding women & musky fishing! 


During the off months, you can find me ice fishing on Chemong Lake in our ice hut or targeting crappie, perch and walleye before the musky season. With my knowledge, outgoing personality and creative mindset, I have been given the opportunity to partner with some of the largest brands within this industry. 


I am a very proud ambassador for brands such as; Shimano, Lululemon, Musky Maniacs, Dadson Blade Baits, Blue Water Baits, Musky Candies and DK Musky Lures.


I am also an active member of Muskies Canada as the Director of Communications, Canadian Fishing Network and the Ontario Women's Anglers Association and the Director of Communications for



Follow along with my adventures!

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