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Here is a little about me, Megan.


The Basics

    Well if you haven't already figured out from the name of my company and the website URL, my name is Megan McGregor. I've never met a cheese I didn't like or a dog I didn't want to pet. I have an irrational fears of packing peanuts and cotton *cringe*. I'm pretty much obsessed with every nerdy movie/book (ex: My dog's name; Vader).

Things that I love; my man, my family, my dog, crafting, audiobooks, Netflix marathons, musky fishing and the outdoors. 


Why did I start McGregor Marketing?

   After graduating from Trent University 5 years ago with my joint major in business administration and cultural studies with an emphasis in marketing (a mouth full I know, it sounds fancier than it is). I found myself in the "real-world" facing the classic catch 22 that most students face when they finish University.

"Lack of Experience"  was the reoccurring feedback I was receiving from all industry-related interviews. How am I going to get "experience" if no one will give me a chance?


That's when McGregor Marketing was born.  


If no one was going to hire me to create the experience, I had to do it myself. I wanted to make a business for businesses, something affordable and dynamic where entrepreneurs could bring their ideas to fruition. 


I pride myself on listening to my clients to ensure I can bring their ideas to life. 


Since 2016, I have continued McGregor Marketing as a second career alongside my full-time careers.

Over the years I have built up my marketing experience as the marketing manager of a large corporate company and now I am currently employed as the Marketing Manager of Fully Promoted Peterborough (www.fullypromotedptbo.ca). 


Even though I call this technically my "Side Gig" as the cool kids call it. I make sure to make all my clients feel like this is my ONLY job.


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Email:  meg-mcg@hotmail.com

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